Getting Help: Finding an Auto Accident Lawyer

One day, on your way to work, there was a car accident and you were in it. To be honest, with the pain and the costs piling up, you cannot face dealing with an attorney.

You have to. Taking forward steps after an accident injury is hard — but your present and future interests and health depend on making that phone call right now.

Consider these points about locating and retaining the right attorney after a car accident:

  • You have nothing to lose. Reputable personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and legal fees are paid from injury compensation you receive. You pay no legal fees up front, and almost certainly obtain more compensation from the insurance settlement or trial process than without an attorney.
  • All lawyers are not created equal. Ask questions about your case, the track record of the firm and the billing process, and carefully review any contract you sign. If injured, ask the attorney to meet you at your home or hospital room. Make sure you can communicate with the lawyer and that you feel confident in his or her ability to present a strong case on your behalf.
  • Find the right attorney. You lose a lot if you do not hire the right attorney. Locate and consult with an attorney experienced in auto accident injury. Make sure that experience is successful experience and ask about references — satisfied customers mean a lot when making your decision.

A phone call can get the help you need. Make the call — and make the right move to regain your health and peace of mind after an accident.